River Breeze Park, Oak Hill, FL

Pelican on the river, Riverbreeze Park, Oak Hill FLIn the latest issue of East Coast Current, Gwen found pictures of beautiful River Breeze Park in Oak Hill, FL and wanted to check it out. The weather has been gorgeous recently, so we loaded up the kids to head south.

Location and Amenities

It was easy enough to find: just north of Oak Hill proper, a state park sign told us to turn east off US-1 onto H.H. Burch Road. It was about two blocks down on the left.

It’s definitely not a small park. There are large fields and gently wooded areas as well as a nicely shaded playground, nature trails, covered picnic tables, well maintained bathrooms, and a fishing pier. We couldn’t wait to get out and run all over the place!

The kids demanded the swings, so we started there. The play area is covered with the soft artificial turf that you see now at the nicer parks and a mesh tarp shading about 80% of the sun. It was nice not having to worry about the baby picking everything up and eating it, and the turf was very forgiving even when a kid fell pretty hard. The equipment itself was well maintained and clean, and had this simple tulip-like spinning seat I’d not seen elsewhere.

River Breeze Playground

This thing was a hit – every kid on the playground was all over it, our kids loved it, and a great-grandfather of 19 in line for it suggested we get on after he rode. It’s basically a bowl on a stick at a slight angle, and it’s wicked difficult to get out of when it’s going, which it does with a vengeance.

After a bit we wanted to check out the water, especially the pier, which was just a (very) short walk away.

And wow – did they name this place appropriately or what? That breeze! A sweet whisper that would gather strength and roll off the river to burst onto your warm body, lifting your face and holding it in a smile, eyes closed, completely oblivious to whatever activity you’d been engaging in.